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Discovery Talk

The Educational Landscape in Ontario and Further Afield: Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Jonathan Newman, Dean, College of Biological Science, University of Guelph

In this presentation Dr. Newman will provide a high-level perspective on the educational challenges and opportunities in the Ontario context, and compare and contrast that with the broader Canadian and Global contexts. He will focus on the funding, structure, and student demand, rather than the theory and practice of teaching.

PDF – Jonathan Newman – AIC 2018 Presentation


Forum Presentations

History of Change – The Olds College Story by Dalin Bullock, Dean of Animal Sciences and Horticulture, Olds College

Olds College has enjoyed 105 years of change. From humble beginnings as a demonstration farm to the adoption of the latest SMART agricultural technology, the institution continues to change. Stories of the past will be used to identify educational challenges along with key learning.

PDF – Dalin Bullock – AIC 2018 Presentation


Are We in the Past to Provide Solutions to the Current and Future Challenges? What Needs to Change? by Dr. Rajasekaran Lada, Professor & Head of Department of Plant, Food & Environmental Sciences, Dalhousie University

Agriculture is global and the technologies are rapidly changing. The challenges that we currently face stems from the traditional, conservative approaches to education: the calendar, pedagogical approaches, delivery methods, and meeting the needs and challenges of the 21st century learners. Universities also face challenges declining funding support, declining enrollment (some provinces), increasing costs, increasing tuition fees, rapidly aging infrastructure, demand for state-of the art infrastructure and so on. Our university system needs to transform to address the global challenges and prepare the students to meet the challenges of the future.



Keeping Pace with Change(s) by Dr. Fran Walley, Associate Dean (Academic), University of Saskatchewan

Now more than ever, “change” is integral to the agriculture industry. Climate change, global population change, technological changes, changes in farming practices, changes in public perceptions of food safety, changes in the global economy – all are impacting the agriculture industry. Add to this changes in student demographics and expectations, and it is clear that we need to change how and what we teach to prepare students for careers in agriculture. Can all institutions be all things to all students, or should we change our thinking about how we collaborate across institutions to better facilitate student exchange and enhance the student experience?.

PDF – Fran Walley – AIC 2018 Presentation


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