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International Accreditation Program

Evaluation of university agriculture education programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in Canada are conducted by the AIC upon request by institutions granting the degree. If a program meets the accreditation criteria, it is granted the label of Full Accreditation. Graduates of accredited programs are deemed to meet the academic requirements for registration in the provincial institutes of agrology in Canada.

In 2007 the Accreditation Program expanded its mandate to include evaluations of agricultural programs at institutions outside Canada. These evaluations follow the same policies and procedures and use the same criteria and high standards.

Since accreditation is designed to ensure that graduates of accredited institutions receive an education satisfying the academic requirements for registration in the provincial Institutes of Agrology and the OAQ within Canada, AIC uses the term “Accreditation” within Canada and the term “Substantial Equivalency” for evaluations conducted outside Canada.

Substantial Equivalency means comparable in program content and educational experience and it implies reasonable confidence that the graduates possess the academic requirement for acceptance into the profession of agrology in Canada. The AIC recommends that the provincial regulatory bodies treat graduates of programs evaluated as substantially equivalent to graduates of Canadian accredited programs for the period that substantial equivalence is in effect.

Please note: The International Accreditation Program is currently under review by the Agricultural Institute of Canada and we are unable to commence any new reviews at this time.

International Reviews

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Faisal University

Department of Food and Nutrition Sciences 2012 –

King Saud University

  1. Agricultural Economics 2009 –
  2. Agricultural Engineering 2009 –
  3. Animal Production 2009 –
  4. Food Science and Human Nutrition 2009 –
  5. Plant Production 2009 –
  6. Plant Protection 2009 –
  7. Soil Science 2009 –
  8. Agricultural Extension and Rural Society 2010 –

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates University, College of Food and Agriculture

  1. Horticulture 2008 –
  2. Horticulture (revised) 2009 –
  3. Agribusiness 2008 –
  4. Agribusiness (revised) 2009 –
  5. Animal Science 2008 –
  6. Marine Fisheries 2008 –
  7. Marine Fisheries and Animal Science (revised) 2009 –