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Conditions of Use for Multiuser Subscribers

Agricultural Institute of Canada

  • Canadian Journal of Animal Science
  • Canadian Journal of Plant Science
  • Canadian Journal of Soil Science
  1. Rights
    The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) grants the subscriber and authorized users at the Subscriber’s institution the right to access the electronic version of those AIC journal volumes for which the subscriber maintains an electronic subscription.
  2. Authorized Users
    Authorized users are defined as employees, faculty, and students of the subscriber who access the electronic journals from a computer terminal within the range of the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses provided by the subscriber at time of purchase. Access to the electronic journal by persons other than those listed above is restricted to the use of a computer terminal located in a subscriber library.
  3. Authorized Site
    An authorized site is a contiguous campus community or buildings that are located within the same city and reporting to the same administrative body. Affiliated locations outside the defined site are considered to be separate sites. Within a multi-company complex or building, each company is considered to be a separate site.
  4. Usage Restrictions
    The subscriber and authorized users may view, print, and download single copies of articles or other content for personal use. The subscriber and authorized users may not make copies for general distribution, for advertising or other promotional purposes, for creating new collective works, or for any resale purpose such as document delivery. For such copying, separate agreements must be made with the copyright owner. The subscriber will notify all authorized users of permitted and prohibited use, and the subscriber will take any corrective action necessary against authorized users who contravene these conditions. Authorization to photocopy for internal or the personal use of specific clients is granted by the Agricultural Institute of Canada provided that the copyright fee of $5.00 per copy is paid directly to the Copyright Clearance Centre (CCC), Transactional Reporting Service, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, USA.
  5. Warranty
    AIC accepts no responsibility for statements or opinions expressed by a contributor and consequently accepts no liability for damages that may result from the subscriber’s use of the AIC journals. Acceptance of an advertisement, announcement, or other material does not imply endorsement by either the Journal Editors or AIC.