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AIC represents a number of different stakeholder groups – providing unique benefits.

Producer groups
Producer groups have key objectives and “asks” – research is often one of many.  AIC is uniquely focused on agri-food research and therefore can facilitate focused activities meant to attain key objectives related to research.

Public institutions
Public institutions have key objectives and activities.  Having another voice that is uniquely focused on agri-food research and can therefore facilitate focused activities, may allow public institutions to voice their views through a third party (AIC) that is not subject to concerns about funding agreements, etc.

Businesses are looking at participating in activities that provide a return on investment – either immediate or mid to long-term.  AIC, through the information that it circulates and the access it facilitates, enables organizations to access funding programs they may not have been aware of, information that they did not know existed, etc.  AIC, with its members’ input, also helps shape public policy.

What we do for you

  • Advocacy on agri-food research brings:
    • Increased funding through existing programs and new programs;
    • Capacity to influence the way funding programs are implemented;
    • Influence on public policy; and
    • Access to policy makers.
  • Dissemination of information on agri-food research means:
    • Better awareness of various programs, policies, research, etc.; and
    • Increased knowledge on scientific research in Canada and internationally.
  • Networking…
    • With stakeholders, colleagues from other groups, etc; and
    • With scientists, researchers, extension experts, policy analysts and policy makers, etc.

AIC’s presence in Ottawa enables an active and effective lobby for agri-food research.

Become a Member

Corporate, Start-up Organization, Individual and Reciprocal memberships are available through AIC. Read more about member benefits and fees here.