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AIC 2017: Agricultural Innovation in a Changing Environment

Agriculture and the environment are intricately linked within a complex ecosystem; with agriculture both depending on and impacting critical natural resources. Canada’s agriculture sector is an important steward of the environment and has an important role to play in meeting today’s global sustainability and climate-smart goals.
This year’s conference, taking place April 24-26, 2017 in Winnipeg, MB, will foster important discussions among policy makers, industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs and the research community about agriculture’s impact on the environment in a changing climate.  AIC 2017 will also showcase world-class innovative research taking place across Canada and explore how green growth in the sector can build on a strong scientific, evidence-based foundation.
How can innovation minimize agriculture’s contribution to climate change?
What support is available to advance Canada’s agricultural clean technologies?
How can we ensure the adoption of environmentally sustainable innovations?
Visit the conference webpage to learn more about conference themes and partnership opportunities.