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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Agri-Food: A Policy Conference

The AIC 2019 conference will focus on the increasing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics on the agri-food sector in Canada.

As the agri-food supply chain evolves, AI and robotics will have a crucial impact on Canada’s agri-food sector’s capacity to adapt, compete and lead.

Panels and presentations at AIC 2019 will focus on understanding the potential and the challenges posed by AI and robotics.

Our sessions will explore:

  • How AI and robotics are changing agri-food;
  • Trends in the research and development of AI and robotics;
  • Funding opportunities for research in agriculture;
  • Successes and challenges in adopting new technologies and how they’ve impacted the sector;
  • Opportunities for collaboration between sectors; and
  • What’s next – the future of agriculture in Canada.

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