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AIC Virtual Summit 2021

Agri-Food Research and Innovation:
Looking Ahead to 2025
May 2021

Sharing information and networking enables further collaboration.

AIC’s Agri-Food Innovation Summits bring participants together to discover new innovations, build new relationships and share information.

Our 2021 Summit will focus on “Agri-Food Research and Innovation: Looking Ahead to 2025,” to be delivered in a virtual format as we continue to social distance to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The Summit will be presented in (4) 2-hour moderated panel discussions in May 2021.  These moderated panels will include:

  • Presentations from Canada’s Innovation Superclusters and AgriScience clusters to discuss their latest research and methods of collaboration;
  • Panel discussions with agri-food projects funded by the ISED’s Strategic Innovation Fund;
  • Updates from the Global Institute for Food Security and the Global Institute for Water Security; and more.

An overwhelming majority of participants in our previous Summits reported that they learned something new about their sector, made new, beneficial connections in the industry, and made plans to start a collaboration thanks to the Summit.

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