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Farming for the Future

We use 40 percent of the Earth’s land surface for farming. That means agriculture not only relies on clean air, clean water and high quality soil, but it also has an important impact on environmental stewardship.

That’s why some people in the industry support regenerative agriculture. They view regenerative agriculture as a natural and holistic approach to farm management that can restore biodiversity, increase soil health, improve water cycles, and boost the quality of our food. Regenerative agriculture may also help to capture increased carbon in the soil, helping to address climate change.

But there’s still a lot of uncertainty and big questions we need to ask about the practice.

How does regenerative agriculture fit in with more conventional growing practices? What do consumers know and think about it? Can it help us get to net zero?

Join CityAge, in collaboration with EMILI and Bioenterprise, on Feb. 15 as we start to answer those questions.

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