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ICDC Afternoon Plot Tour and BBQ

The Irrigation Crop Diversification Corporation will be hosting an afternoon tour of their 2017 research and demonstration program at the CSIDC research farm in Outlook. The tour will start at 2:00pm Tuesday August 15th at CSIDC. There will be a free BBQ after the tour and anyone is welcome to join. Tour stops and discussion highlights include:

  • Tile Drainage Demonstration
  • Alternative Crop Demonstration
  • Fruit and Vegetable R&D program
  • Specialized Nitrogen Efficiency Products
  • Soybean and Fababean Water Scheduling Demonstration
  • Soybean, Fababean, and Dry Bean Agronomy Demonstrations
  • Oilseed, Pulse, and Cereal Variety Trials
  • Forage and Grain Corn Demonstrations

Admission is free and you can preregister by contacting Joel Peru at 306-867-5528 or