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Marketing School

Using lecture, questions/answers, current market data, and actual math calculations (bring a calculator), we will cover:

  • Know and Understand Yourself
  • The only price that matters (hint, there won’t be any crystal ball involved)
  • Know your resources (money, feed, livestock, and time) and how to manage them
  • Sell/Buy compared to Buy/Sell
  • Find Relationships and determine what to sell and what to buy
  • Marketing for the Cow/Calf Producer
  • Determine the Value of Breeding Stock
  • Make a profit and stay in business!

Registration Fee

No charge for interested kids age 18 and under attending with a parent, though we need a count for meals.

Charges are $750 USD/$1000 CAD each for the full 4 day school; $450 USD/$600 CAD each for just the Marketing School; or $500 USD/$665 CAD each for just the Stockmanship School. Two people attending from the same ranch can “buy one, get one half off.” Three people from the same ranch can just use the discount for one of the three attendees. If five people from one ranch will be attending, contact us for price.

Lunch is included four days for both schools or the full day(s) for one school.

Marketing School: Classroom: October 18, 8 am to 5 pm and October 19, 8 am to 12 noon