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The Root of It: Rejuvenating the Ag Ecosystem (A Three-Part Series)

In this three-part series, we will begin with a recount of how we built one of the most successful supply chains in the world and how ultimately this success led to the challenges we face today.

As we look for solutions, our second session will draw from other sectors for inspiration on how we can bring “New DNA” into agriculture.

Our series will close off with an open dialogue about how to create a better innovation system through the lens of a startup and industry leading CEO.

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Part I – Bridging the Links: Decommoditizing Our Food from Farm to Plate

  • Sept 17 | 3PM ET / 12PM PT
  • Speaker: Alan Bjerga, reowned journalist, author of Endless Appetites, SVP, National Milk Producers

Part II – Fresh Looks: Integrating New DNA into Agriculture

  • Sept 24 | 3PM ET / 12PM PT
  • Speaker: Mary Dimou, Senior Director, Venture Capital & Portfolio Operations, Canopy Rivers

Part III – A Tale of Two Cities- A Startup and Corporate Look at the Innovation Ecosystem

  • Oct 1 | 3PM ET / 12PM PT
  • Speaker: Paul Schickler, Owner, III Ag, LLC, former president, DuPont Pioneer (now Corteva Agriscience)