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Federal government announces shortlisted Superclusters

The federal government has announced that it is moving forward with its Innovation Superclusters Initiative as part of the broader Innovation and Skills Plan for a changing economy. The Initiative will leverage a federal investment of up to $950 million to generate public-private partnerships in innovative industries across the country.

Of more than 50 proposals, involving over 1,000 firms and 350 other participants, nine have been shortlisted and up to five will be selected as Canada’s new Superclusters.

The Government has started to announce the individual proposals, and we are pleased to see the power of agriculture research and innovation showcased. 

  • Yesterday afternoon, the Protein Innovations Canada (PIC) Supercluster was announced as the shortlisted applicant from Saskatchewan, which would position Canada as the world’s paramount supplier of plant-based proteins and related products. 
  • Today, the Smart Agri-food Supercluster was announced as one of the two shortlisted applicants from Alberta, which would add informatics, connectivity and traceability in the crop, livestock and agri-food processing sectors to make Canada the preferred global supplier of sustainable, high-quality, safe food.

The Innovation Superclusters Initiative is a centrepiece of the Government of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan, which is preparing Canada for a changing economy.

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