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Stakeholders to gather to help develop recommendations for agricultural research dissemination policy framework

In July 2015, the Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) brought together agricultural stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as academic, government and industry representatives to help develop a national agricultural research policy for the 21st century.  Conference participants also came to broad consensus on the need for a national agricultural research policy framework to also include building strong networks for research dissemination.

AIC’s next conference, “AIC 2016: Disseminating Agricultural Research”, will examine how to bring research results to those who need it most – the research community, producers, farmers, industry and consumers – and how to maximize the adoption of new technologies.

The conference will result in a robust framework for agricultural research dissemination to enhance AIC’s existing national research policy.  A detailed report of best practices based on the contributions of conference speakers and participants will also be published for wide distribution among agricultural stakeholders.

AIC 2016 promises to engage participants and stimulate lively debate through three important themes that connect research dissemination across multiple stakeholders and platforms:

Theme 1: Dissemination Strategies and Participation Channels for Agricultural Research
Theme 2: Knowledge Transfer and Extension
Theme 3: Intellectual Property Protection, Cooperation and Collaboration 

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