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Support the National Agricultural Research Policy for the 21st Century

The national agricultural research policy comes following a lengthy and broad consultation process that included working with members and stakeholders and a comprehensive conference that brought together governments, scientists, academics, producer groups and representatives from other organizations.

The policy was released in September 2015.  We are now building a list of 100 organizations that support the policy. Contact us to be part of it.

The policy recommends among other things:

  • Set national goals in agricultural research
  • Consult all stakeholder when establishing research priorities
  • Recognize Canada’s global responsibilities
  • Enhance processes to transfer knowledge from research to end-users
  • Have stable and predictable financial support for both fundamental and applied research

AIC will continue to consult stakeholders in order to allow this policy to evolve over time.  It will also, on an annual basis, develop a checklist on what recommendations have or have not been implemented.

Leading Innovation and Sustainability: An Agricultural Research Policy for the 21st Century

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