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Ag Institute Concerned about Use of Land at Experimental Farm

Ottawa, ON – Recent announcements have seen 60-acres of land from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Experimental Farm in Ottawa being leased at the rate of a dollar per year to the Ottawa Hospital for its new Civic Hospital campus.

The value of the land does not reside only in dollars. The scientific and historical value of this land raises concerns in the agriculture research community.

The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) would like to see more information shared and consultations held prior to a deal being finalized. While AIC understands and respects the need for a new campus and the attractiveness of a deal at such a low cost, there is also a need to consider the value of what could be lost if the land is developed.

AIC calls on all parties, including federal, provincial and municipal politicians to hold open and transparent consultations with the community prior to the finalization of this deal.

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