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Science & Technology

AIC showcases Canadian Agri-Food Innovation at International Show

Today, the Agri-Food Innovation Council participated in the International Market Showcase at the Americas Food & Beverage Show.  AIC highlighted the impact of Canada’s agri-food innovation, including: International market potential for Canadian agricultural technologies; Post-COVID-19 priorities for the sector; How to best work with the Canadian agri-food research sector, and more. We thank Susan Harper, […]

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An Overview of the Canadian Agricultural Innovation System

Ottawa – Today, the Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) is releasing a comprehensive report on the agricultural research and innovation system: where funding is from, how policies are developed, trends, human capital, and dissemination. Some of the key findings include: Agriculture and agri-food generate $113.8 billion and one in every eight jobs in Canada (2.3 […]

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AIC announces 2017 Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Agricultural Insitute of Canada’s 2017 Conference will be held from April 24-26, 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This year’s theme will be an interesting one: Agricultural Innovation in a Changing Environment. Please click here to learn more about the conference and register your attendance today to take advantage of […]

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More collaborative research model urged

Input from more stakeholders would mean greater and faster innovation for the agriculture sector. By Alex Binkley, The Manitoba Cooperator It’s time for agriculture research to break out of its pipeline approach and look for new ideas wherever it can find them. That means upending the old model where ‘good’ scientific research basically saw data […]

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The next big step for the Agricultural Institute

The Ontario Farmer – While it took the Agricultural Institute of Canada two years to craft its national agriculture research policy, it now faces at least as daunting a challenge selling it to farm and food industry groups and governments. When asked for reaction to the policy after its release, the general reaction from farm groups […]

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Agriculture research needs to focus on future challenges

The institute said rising population, climate change and the need to find alternatives to fossil fuels are priorities. The Manitoba Cooperator – Canada needs a forward looking agriculture research policy to help feed a burgeoning global population, cope with climate change and develop alternatives to fossil fuels, says the Agriculture Institute of Canada. It has released […]

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AIC offers national research strategy preview

The Ontario Farmer – AIC offers a preview of the national research strategy. The plan, put together after two years of consultrations, stresses a balance between applied and basic research. The Agricultural Institute of Canada has provided a preview of what will likely be in its national agriculture research policy that is to be released […]

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AIC 2015 Conference Report

On July 12-14 researchers, academics, government and industry representatives, and other agricultural research stakeholders gathered in Ottawa to help shape a modern agricultural research policy for Canada. The conference report summarizes the workshop discussions that took place. AIC will circulate the draft policy in August 2015, with the final policy aimed for release in September. […]

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Research seeks to find adverse weather-tolerant plants

The Ontario Farmer – The University of Saskatchewan has received $37.2 million in funding from the federal government for research into new plant varieties that can cope with the erratic weather expected from climate change. University researchers in the Designing Crops for Global Food Security Initiative are aiming to use specific genes to create varieties of […]

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