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An Overview of the Canadian Agricultural Innovation System

Ottawa – Today, the Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) is releasing a comprehensive report on the agricultural research and innovation system: where funding is from, how policies are developed, trends, human capital, and dissemination.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Agriculture and agri-food generate $113.8 billion and one in every eight jobs in Canada (2.3 million);
  • Canada is the world’s fifth largest global exporter of agri-food products with sales of over $55 billion;
  • Public investments still represent the largest source of funding for Canada’s agriculture research and development but have been steadily declining over the last three decades;
  • The private sector has either under-invested or decreased investments in research and development;
  • The lack of a common analytics platform and rural broadband difficulties often prevents farmers and producers from realizing the full potential of large-scale research;
  • Skilled labour shortages are potentially undermining Canada’s research capacity.

This report was in part based on a research project funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

“The report includes key recommendations designed to support agricultural research and innovation, make Canada more competitive, and support the idea that agriculture is an essential part of Canada’s future economic development.” said Serge Buy, AIC’s Chief Executive Officer.

Recommendations on policy frameworks, funding mechanisms, attracting private investments, participatory research and education are made throughout the report.

For further information, please contact Serge Buy at or 613-720-1777.



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