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Media Release: Ag Institute Outlines Steps to Advance Canada’s Agriculture and Contribute Globally

Ottawa, ON – Today, the Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) is releasing a far-reaching agricultural research policy that will have impact for all stakeholders involved in agriculture and related sectors.

“If Canada is to regain its leadership in agricultural research, this is a good first step,” said Serge Buy, CEO of AIC. “The concrete steps outlined in this policy can pave the way for the future.”

This research policy comes following a lengthy consultation process that included working with members and stakeholders and a comprehensive conference that brought together governments, scientists, academics, producer groups and representatives from other organizations.

The policy recommends, among other things, to:

  • Set national goals in agricultural research
  • Better consult all stakeholders when establishing research priorities
  • Recognize Canada’s global responsibilities
  • Enhance processes to transfer knowledge from research to end-users
  • Have stable and predictable financial support for both fundamental and applied research

The policy has concrete recommendations that can be implemented.

AIC will continue to consult stakeholders in order to allow this policy to evolve over time. It will also, on an annual basis, develop a checklist on what recommendations have or have not been implemented.

The final policy is available in both English (here) and French (here).

Access the full media release here.