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AIC calls for the creation of a national strategy on research and innovation in the agri-food sector

On September 10, 2021, AIC called for a need for a national strategy on research and innovation in the agri-food sector – see that statement below.

Agri-food in Canada has strong innovative potential and is the key driver of economic growth. It is one of Canada’s best performing sectors. In order for Canada’s agri-food sector to continue to meet the world market’s growing demand, innovation must be supported through science-based policy work and needs-specific funding.

AIC believes a national strategy would provide direction, enable increased collaboration and target and streamline efforts to achieve real objectives within set timelines. A national strategy would bring together key support from across the government, private sector and academia.

With limited resources, we must revive the conversation around the importance of the agri-food sector, innovation and research. The need for a national strategy should be a key priority for our sector.

AIC’s CEO Serge Buy recently spoke with Alex Binkley from National Newswatch.

AIC is ready to co-chair the group developing the strategy with government providing the other co-chair. “Based on statements made by Government of Canada officials, the return on investment for research and innovation in the agri-food sector is higher than for most other sectors. With the agri-food sector seen as a key driver for economic development, it is important to provide the keys for our future,” Buy said.

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