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AIC Celebrates Canada’s Agriculture Day, Launches New Summit

AIC is delighted to join other organizations in celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day. Thank you to our producers from across the country for the safe and nutritious food you help produce every day. Thank you, also, to all of our researchers and innovators in the sector. From resilient crops to nutritious food, your impact is felt every day.

As we mark this event, AIC is pleased to announce the launch of a new Summit. Agri-Food Research and Innovation: Looking Ahead to 2025 will bring together experts and innovators from across the agri-food sector.  Participants will discover new innovations, get updated on funding opportunities, and build new relationships.

Canada is a global leader in agriculture.  Events such as this one brings together our sector’s brightest minds with the goal of enabling and fostering greater collaboration. 

We hope you can join us virtually in May 2021.

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