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AIC conference looks to bridge the gap between AgResearch ideas and adoption

The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC)’s upcoming conference AIC 2016: Disseminating Agricultural Research is set to take an in-depth look at the way we communicate and utilize agricultural research.

The most important contributor to agricultural growth and productivity is the knowledge system underpinning agriculture in Canada.

High-quality agricultural research and innovative ideas are developed in this country, but how do we ensure that this knowledge is communicated effectively, makes its way to the end-user, and facilitates its translation into concrete agricultural practices and technologies on the ground?

AIC 2016 will focus on how to bring research results to those who need it most – the research community, producers, farmers, industry and consumers – and how to maximize the adoption of new technologies and innovations.

Leading agricultural researchers, academics, public servants, entrepreneurs, commodity groups and other stakeholders will gather in Ottawa, April 13-14, to discuss a wide range of topics including:

  • Dissemination strategies and participation channels for agricultural research
  • Knowledge transfer and extension
  • Intellectual property protection, cooperation and collaboration

The conference will result in a robust framework for agricultural research dissemination to enhance AIC’s existing national agricultural research policy.  A detailed report of best practices based on the contributions of conference speakers and participants will also be published for wide distribution among agricultural stakeholder.

Do not miss this opportunity to have your say in a robust agricultural research dissemination agenda that can help set Canada on the path to becoming a global leader in agriculture.

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Leading Innovation and Sustainability: An Agricultural Research Policy for the 21st Century