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Canola: A Story of Canadian Innovation — Travelling Exhibition

Canola: we eat it, feed it to farm animals, and ride buses and cars fuelled by it. This nutritious oil is neutral in flavour, and ideal for cooking. Transformed into biofuel, its oil can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canola meal is also an excellent ingredient in animal feed. And canola has other uses as well!

Fifty years ago, Canadian plant researchers took on a challenge: creating a healthy vegetable oil from rapeseed, a little-known plant that grew well on the Prairies. Following decades of collaboration and hard work, scientists succeeded in developing one of Canada’s most important crops: canola.

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, along with its partners from the public and private agricultural sectors, is proud to mark the 50th anniversary of canola as a “made in Canada” crop, through engaging exhibitions and programs that focus on the scientific research, engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship behind canola.

Produced by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum to mark the 50th anniversary of this ‘Made in Canada’ crop, Canola: A Story of Canadian Innovation explores the science behind the development, cultivation and future of this crop, as well as its uses in industries from food processing to transportation. Discover Canola through your five senses and immerse yourself within the environments of the two bright yellow pod-shaped structures— a canola field, and a processing plant.