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APAS Prairie Agriculture Carbon Summit

The APAS Carbon summit will bring together agricultural producers, researchers, government policy makers and the society at large to explore and discuss the role that agricultural practices currently play in the greenhouse gas balance, and the exciting potential that new technologies can provide.
We will also be investigating how public policy can recognize these contributions and design policy to maximize potential research and uptake into new technologies and management practices.
The summit will also discuss and identify knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.

Discussion Topics

  • ?The current state of carbon pricing and exchange schemes in Canada
  • The history of carbon sequestration in prairie cropland (Sask Soil Conservation)
  • Research on Sequestration in Pastures and Forage
  • Fertilizer Management and Nutrient cycles
  • Presentations on new plant genomics and the potential for increased carbon sequestration and management on the landscape.
  • Economics of Carbon Taxes and offsets