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The Forum on Canada’s Agri-Food Future 2015

Canadians need to define “what’s possible” for one of the country’s most important sectors.

People are linking what nourishes them to the health of agricultural systems, the soil, water, animals, and so on, and to their own wellbeing. Canada is among the few places on earth that can deliver what consumers will increasingly expect, and do so reliably. So, how can our country best leverage this?

The Forum on Canada’s Agri-Food Future 2015 (CAFF15) is about shaping Canada’s food destiny. It’s about a newly-imagined future that offers the best possible outcomes for Canadians and our agri-food industry. 

The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) and Canada 2020,  and our partners, are working together to make CAFF15 the preeminent event for Canada’s agri-food sector at this formative time.

Following this landmark event, we’ll bring these insights forward as part of a “change agenda” that informs future agri-food strategies and policy frameworks.

We invite you to join thought leaders from here and abroad to articulate what is indeed possible. 

Our guiding question is: Should Canada aim to become the most trusted food system in the world?

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