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Gender Equality Mainstreaming Digest – The December Issue


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Opportunities and Upcoming Events:

ODI Fellowship Scheme – The Overseas Development Institute [ODI] Fellowship Scheme is open to economists and statisticians of any nationality with a specialty in agricultural, environmental, international, health or development economics.

This Month’s News:

NSERC Council of Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering Program Newsletter

The future of executive-level agriculture in Canada? Women – While there have been an increasing number of women entering farming, few are present at the executive or management levels.

Reports Publications and Resources:

Advancing gender equality in the post-2020 climate regime – briefing paper from the International Institute for Environment and Development [IIED].

Why paying attention to gender matters for climate change adaptation – new research based on gender-disaggregated data sheds light on gender differences in perceptions of climate change and the ability to adopt practices and technologies needed to increase resilience.

The Gender Equality Mainstreaming (GEM) Working Group of the Agricultural Institute of Canada gathers information and articles on an ongoing basis on gender quality mainstreaming within agriculture, scientific research, rural development, climate change, organizational development and international development.  The views and opinions presented are not necessarily representative of AIC.