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Media Release: Counterproductive gag on scientists hurts Canada’s reputation

Ottawa, ON – The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) is concerned about what a report produced by Simon Fraser University and Evidence for Democracy has revealed. The report alleges that scientists that work for the federal government are not able to speak freely about their work.

“Trying to stop discussions on topics like climate change and other important scientific topics will not make these issues disappear,” said Serge Buy, CEO of AIC. “The government needs to encourage open and frank discussions on these important matters ? even if they don?t like what’s being said.”

AIC believes that in order to maintain its reputation on the world stage, it is important for the federal government to foster working conditions that bring the best and brightest scientists to Canada.

If the government of Canada is to retain and attract the best and brightest scientists, it needs to create and support the ability for scientists to freely exchange information with their colleagues and share their research findings.

Agricultural research (including food production, safety and security) is a focal point for governments around the world. AIC has, since its inception almost a century ago, been an advocate of agricultural research and a proponent of the development of a strong, national agricultural research policy.

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