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2017 Conference Report

Agriculture and the environment are intricately linked within a complex ecosystem; with agriculture both depending on and impacting critical natural resources.

The Canadian agricultural sector is an important steward of the environment and has a major role to play in meeting today’s global sustainability goals that call for an even more efficient and climate-smart agriculture. This approach demands continuous research and development that must be strongly supported by strategic agricultural R&D and investment policies coupled with effective coordination of research efforts.

Researchers, government officials, industry representatives, agri-entrepreneurs and other agricultural research stakeholders came together on April 24-26 in Winnipeg at AIC 2017 Agricultural Innovation in a Changing Environment.  The conference fostered important discussions about agriculture’s impact on the environment in a changing climate.

The 2017 Conference Report focuses on three key themes:

  1. Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: How can innovation minimize agriculture’s contribution to climate change?
  2. Building the Future on our Strengths: What support is available to advance Canada’s agricultural clean technologies?
  3. Shaping a Path Forward: How can we ensure the adoption of environmentally sustainable innovations?

The Report summarizes the conference panel presentations that explored how green growth in the sector can build on a strong scientific, evidence-based foundation and showcased world-class innovative research taking place across Canada. It also summarizes the feedback provided by Conference delegates in discussion sessions that took place at AIC 2017.



Conference Report – English