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Agricultural Research Dissemination – A Collection of Best Practices

The knowledge system underpinning agriculture is a crucial driver of agricultural growth and productivity in Canada.  Our full agricultural potential cannot be realized without research that is informed by real problems on the ground – nor without genuine efforts to effectively disseminate research outcomes to end-users and a broader audience.

Every year, there are important discussions and outcomes at AIC’s conference.  In April 2016, researchers, government officials, industry representatives, and other agricultural research stakeholders gathered in Ottawa to discuss important issues relating to the dissemination of agricultural research. Several points of consensus emerged in the Conference Report.

There was especially strong consensus that stakeholders in the agriculture sector would benefit from the sharing of best practices in agricultural research dissemination.

The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) has therefore compiled this collection of ideas, tips, tools and ultimately best practices in knowledge dissemination, provided by collaborators from across the country, as a follow-up to our Conference Report, in order to provide concrete examples of knowledge sharing and information dissemination.

Our hope is that these examples help give tangible ideas on how, among others, to deliver research results to end-users, engage stakeholders and evaluate programs.

Click here to download the full Best Practices Report.