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Enabling Innovation- Genome Editing and the Canadian Regulatory Environment

Join us for a substantive overview of gene editing innovation in Canada. Our program aims:

  • Share information on the opportunities for innovation in gene editing in both the plant and animal science fields in Canada
  • Review the current regulatory environment and ongoing industry and government efforts toward regulatory program modernization for gene editing in plant and animals in Canada.
  • Identify actions which can be taken by the animal and plant agriculture value chains and academia to further encourage a positive regulatory climate for innovation in gene editing in Canada.


  • Overview of global regulation of genome editing and results of Canadian plant breeders survey, Stuart Smyth, Associate Professor, U Sask.
  • Regulatory landscape in commodity plant agriculture: Current industry/government work underway to clarify the PNT approach, Ian Affleck, VP Plant Biotechnology, CropLife Canada
  • Regulatory landscape in livestock, Michael Lohuis, VP Research and Innovation, Semex
  • Regulatory landscape in horticulture, Michael Pautler, Head of Genomic Services, Platform Genetics Inc. and Vineland
  • Lunch
  • Roundtable discussions- divided into groups, either focusing on gene editing regulations for plants or gene editing regulations for animals

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